Seventh Heaven – 100 ways of saying said

Why do young writers all want to use the word "said"?
If they can't think of any other word then direct them to this list.
7 groups of 14 alternatives to the word "said" plus 2 bonus words adding up to 100 ways of saying said.

“Please, don’t ever use that word again!” pleaded Gaby.

added admitted advised agreed answered apologized argued asked babbled begged bleated blurted boasted boomed

“You won’t catch me using that word” chuckled Charlie.

called chatted cheered chorused chuckled claimed commented complained concluded congratulated continued corrected cried croaked

“I’m not going to use it either” decided Mike.

decided declared demanded denied described doubted echoed exclaimed explained gasped giggled greeted groaned grumbled

“Me, neither,” mumbled Angie.

guessed hinted hissed implied informed interrupted joked laughed lied maintained mentioned mimicked moaned mumbled

“Good,” praised Mike, “we’ll be much better people because of it!”

murmured muttered noted objected observed ordered pleaded praised proclaimed protested questioned reasoned recalled related

“Yes,” repeated Charlie, “much better people.”

remarked remembered reminded repeated replied reported requested responded sang screamed scoffed shouted shrieked sighed

“We will be,” teased Angie and Gaby, “but we’re not sure about you two!”

spoke stammered stated stuttered suggested teased told urged uttered vowed wailed warned whispered wondered worried yakked

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