2 more packs to add to the Angel’s Resources

Co-ordinates UK front coverA4Resource Angel have just released a brand new pack, Co-ordinates (Coordinates if you’re reading this in the USA!). This is available here in our online store for UK teachers and in our Teachers Pay Teachers store for US teachers.

It’s a 74 page pack filled with activities and worksheets that show progression. This pack has activities on graphs and four-quadrant graphs.

We have made the study of Co-ordinates fun and engaging for the learner.

It can be used to differentiate for the range of learners within your classroom. Like all our packs, it has been tried and tested in the UK classroom.

In this resource you will find:

  • Suggestions for use to guide the teacher
  • Reading the co-ordinates of pictures
  • Plotting given co-ordinates
  • Reading co-ordinates of shapes
  • Creating your own shape and recording your co-ordinates
  • Identifying the points on a compass activity
  • Follow the direction cards for a game with your students
  • Map fun requiring the use of co-ordinates
  • Design your own island template and question sheet
  • Answer sheets to all activities to make marking quicker and easier.

Coordinates-US preview pages_3Coordinates-US preview pages_2

Coordinates-US preview pages_1









Sequences UK Front Cover150As well as the Co-ordinates pack we have also released the UK version of our Sequences pack.

Previously only available in the US, this is a 43 page pack of maths and logic sequences. Yet again, all have been tested in UK classrooms and have increased and accelerated children’s understanding of this important area of learning.

There are addition and subtraction sequences ranging from simple numbers to complex numbers including decimal numbers.

There are hundred squares to support your students and to extend your children that work with concepts easily. Use the hundred grids with the task cards!

Our personal favourite is the sequencing games with cards that use our original clip art. Students must problem solve to create the correct sequence using the clues! Hours of fun!

We have provided templates so that you can provide sequences or you can allow your students to challenge each other.

Included in the zipped pack is a comprehensive 31 page answer booklet to allow the teacher to concentrate on the teaching and the reasoning skills needed during each lesson.


The Sequences pack is available now in our UK store. It has been available for some months in our US store.

Sequences UK_3Sequences UK_15Sequences UK_40

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