useImage10Resource Angel started in 2014. We are a family run web business aiming to produce high quality downloadable resources for hard working teachers at affordable prices. We have over 60 years of combined experience in schools as teacher, headteacher, chair of governing body, special needs manager and teaching assistant.

In recent years, after looking around in search of resources that were not produced by the big publishing houses, we have been advocates of using home written materials within the classroom. We have learned such a lot in such a short time. The standard of our material must be top notch if people are to spend their hard earned money on our packs.

We are continually upgrading and improving our older packs as we develop our new packs.  We are under no illusions that success is not an overnight guarantee. We must, and are willing, to work hard. We are willing to learn from our mistakes and misapprehensions as our small business continues to grow.

MathscollageThe resources available on our website have been tested in primary school classrooms.

We have kept our prices as low as possible in these early times so as to encourage teachers to buy without having to bankrupt themselves in the process. We are very aware that the buyer will have to print out our printables before using them in class and that will be an added expense on top of this purchase.

US&UK 2getherAt the moment we are selling our packs in America on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher’s Notebook as well as in Great Britain on this website.

We have started a blog (again on this website) and are actively involved on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

ResourceAngel-social-media-logoWe are happy to receive constructive feedback. Go to our Reviews page to see what others have said about our resources.

All fonts, clipart, worksheets and other resource materials are produced and copyrighted by us.

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