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Inverse Operations Pack Cover page


We sell teaching resources that are intended to make the life of a teacher much, much easier.

This is one of our most popular packs. We’ve put the complete versions of our Inverse Operations and Inverse Operations the Sequel into one handy resource. That’s over 200 pages.

Here’s a taste of some of the teaching ideas included in this Inverse Operation resource:

-Inverse operations prompt
-Mix and match multiply and divide
-Mix and match add and subtract
-Multiplication and division triangles.
-Addition and subtraction triangles.

-blank templates for teachers to create their own sums for the class
-answer booklet

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The Loop Card Bundle containing Mathematical, Multiplication and Number Bonds loop cards


We have over 40 other packs for sale including a compilation of our 3 Loop Card packs at a special bundle price. Again, over 170 pages. 

Mathematical Loop Cards – halving, doubling, quartering, addition and subtraction. 

Multiplication Loop Cards – covering the times tables from 2 to 12 as well as a bonus Powerpoint for a class times table test. 

Number Bonds Loop Cards – 5 complete sets of loop cards covering number bonds using addition and subtraction to 20 and 30.

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Our blog has been running for a couple of years now. Story Book colourA lot of our posts are written by us. There are a couple of guest posts and some curated posts where we’ve been very impressed by the information we’ve found and wanted to share it with as large an audience as possible. Here’s a sample of some of the blog entries we’ve published:-

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