WHY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ARE NECESSARY – Another guest post from Australia

This is the last of three Blog Posts written by Annette and Carley from Two Creative Teachers. They are creating teaching resources from their homes in Australia. We’ve really enjoyed reading their views on various educational topics. We are excited to be able to share this with our readers. One of the most fascinating aspects of being a teacher is other peoples perceptions of what … Read More

A Royal Princess

There I was yesterday watching the news about the Royal birth on the TV. That was great and the news highlighted that the Buckingham Palace Easel had been placed outside the Palace for 24 hours. This is a tradition that tells the people about a Royal birth.   I remember when they did the same for Prince George and in retrospect I should have gone and seen the … Read More

Go Balearic for palm trees, white knuckles and a laze beside the Mediterranean Sea

I say this every holiday, and it has become quite the tradition, but say it again I will! Man, I needed that holiday. Easter is such a special time when we focus on new life and new beginnings and in the UK we get a two week break and it is a time that we can reflect, re-energize and recuperate. Throughout the term that … Read More

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