How to buy from Resource Angel

You’ve seen us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ve visited our website at You know we produce usable teaching resources. BUT how do you buy from us? Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll soon have possession of one or more of our packs.       You’re going to buy the Inverse Operations Bundle. First of all, you’ll need your credit card. Go … Read More

To Devon I went…

After the stress… ….leading up to Christmas with plays, parties, games and shopping followed by visiting the family I decided that I needed to take some time out. I needed to find some tranquility and calm. Even though it is freezing cold in England and not the best weather to holiday in, I think a change of scenery really allows the body and mind … Read More

London Baby!

So with a one-week school holiday what better way to celebrate and enjoy life than having a day out in good old London town? The weather was typically British. Rain, sun, rain…rain…rain…and we had a great day! I love the hustle and bustle of London life. The bridges… the history… the mix of people… the River Thames… the famous streets… the famous sights. London … Read More

Beyond the nod and smile

Perfecting the Nod and Smile Well it is lovely to be home. There is nothing like stepping off the plane and feeling the shiver of the English breeze! It’s funny how in school Geography and History were not subjects that I enjoyed. In fact it was in these lessons that I perfected the ‘nod and smile’. The clue is in the name and was … Read More

Everyone’s got a story to tell

Someone, maybe, Pat Flynn, said “Everyone’s got a story. Tell them yours.” So here goes. In which our intrepid team reminisce over the who, why, what, and where. Well – it has been an interesting few months. Resource Angel has started and we are learning a lot along the way. Who are we? – Meet the team. Let’s set the scene. We are a … Read More

Anything can happen

Well as I have said in a previous blog, we are nearly at the end of the school year. Roll on summer! I had woken up early, screamed when I saw big spider in the room, killed the big spider, felt bad that I killed the big spider. I then had a rather unfortunate call to a phone company talking to some people claiming to … Read More

…and Resource Angel was born

Google+ Resource Angel, formed by a family of teachers, has great visions for changing the world by educating the future generations! We love teaching. It is the only job where you do not clock watch and it is the only job that leaves you not knowing your own name at the end of a tiring day! No matter what the stresses and the strains, … Read More

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