The Psychology of the Penalty

This article from the BBC news-site forgets about where to shoot or even how to shoot and concentrates upon the psychology. Er-um, makes you think!!!   Gambling with the game Goalkeepers ‘gambler’s fallacy’ impacts penalty shoot-outs By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent, BBC News   Goalkeepers facing penalty shoot-outs make a predictable error that could influence the outcome say researchers. Psychologists studied videos from World … Read More

The Unsaveable Zone

In June 2014 The Daily Mail published this article. Research England footballers won’t need this time The perfect penalty can be taken by aiming at the ‘unsaveable’ zone Researcher analysed hours of footage to determine a goalkeeper’s reach Aiming outside the ‘unsaveable zone’ will achieve a goal 8 out of 10 times A third of matches after the knock-out stages will be decided by penalties England has had a measly … Read More

The Perfect Penalty

Here’s a timely reminder of how to cope with one of the world’s worst events. It usually only lasts about 15 minutes but it can affect the rest of your life. In some places in our world this event seems to recur every 4 years or so – often with devastating results. It is – The Penalty Shootout. With a lot of help from Google … Read More

New Pack Alert: My Family

Want to get to know your new class? Doing a topic on family? Want to encourage children to talk with family members? Looking for an aid to prompt a speaking and listening activity? Looking for homework activities? Want to encourage parents to get involved? This is the pack! We have created several usable templates for your students to use either within the classroom or as homework activities. These … Read More

At Resource Angel we’re so excited!

On August 3rd and August 4th at our Teachers Pay Teachers store we’re having a SALE! All our packs are 20% off.   If you’ve wish-listed some of our products in recent times, then now is the opportunity to buy them! If you’ve never visited our Teachers Pay Teachers Store then head over there now! Don’t know what we have in our store? Look at our … Read More

All grown up – nearly. An Independence Day infographic message.

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