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Inverse Operations Pack Cover pageResource Angel has produced 2 new discounted bundles  that will help your children progress? These are not packs that are gathering digital dust on our server- no – these include our best selling product and a mammoth selection of ideas to encourage and promote thinking skills.

The Inverse Operations bundle contains over 200 pages of useful and varied maths ideas to promote the teaching of Inverse operations. Now you can get Inverse Operations and Inverse Operations the Sequel in one handy resource.

In our Inverse Operation bundle you will find:

-Inverse operations prompt
-Mix and match multiply, divide,add and subtract
-Teacher prompt cards
-Task cards
-Multiplication and division, Addition and subtraction triangles.
-Student task cards.
-Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division sums
-Word problems
-Missing numbers

-Find the missing sign
-Spot the mistake AND a bonus pack for a class game
-Fill in the missing number for subtraction, addition, multiplication and division sums
-Sums to solve and then check with the inverse operation
-Inverse operation loop cards
-Blank templates for teachers to create their own sums for the class
-Answer booklet

Word Problem BundleThe Word Problem bundle features 16 individual packs zipped together into one huge 340 page bundle!!

For £5, you say-what’s the catch?

We think that word problems are part of the journey into thinking skills. We want to share these with as many teachers as possible.

This pack has one and two step word problems. Every word problem pack has an accompanying answer booklet. We have created a template to help you teach the steps required for solving word problems. We have covered addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and area and perimeter.

The bundle features word problems from our Angel Hill children on the farm, in the school and at the candy shop.

All fonts and pictures in both packs are original work by Resource Angel.


Happy January 2016!

We are excited about this New Year and for further opportunities to share our products with fellow teachers. What are our New Year resolutions?

We have plans to keep on adding to our current resources and to create new resources based on what we are doing in our classrooms at the moment.

2015 has been an breathtaking ride for us at Resource Angel and we are looking forward to the challenges of 2016!


October 2015

Co-ordinates UK front coverA4Sequences UK Front Cover150Two new packs have just been published by Resource Angel. Co-ordinates is a 74 page pack full of useful ideas for teaching co-ordinates to Years 3 to 6. The other pack, Number Sequences, was previously only available in our Teachers pay Teachers store in the US. The 43 page pack comes with an accompanying answer booklet and is available to buy now!





August 2015

As a new school fast approaches, look out for more Resource Angel Packs coming soon. If you’re on our email list, you’ll hear about them first!!

second series of our Seventh Heaven blog has just started. We’re providing a whole series of list blogs to help make life easier for you now.

New page added! So many kind people have left reviews and comments about our products that we’ve devoted a whole page to their words! You’ll find these at What our customers have said about us!

April 2015

In 2014 our Place Value pack proved to be a popular seller. Watch this video and see why!

We’ve just added another pack to our stores. It’s called 2D Shapes.

You can find it here.

We’ve produced another short video to give you a glimpse of some of the 145 pages in this maximum value pack!

We’ve just moved our website to a larger and quicker server.

We’ve installed SSL certificates. Look for the https in our page url. You can now buy products with complete trust that your details are safe and secure.

We’ve removed our home page and replaced it with this NEWS page.


We’ve now produced three videos advertising our packs. First up is the newly updated Inverse Operations pack!!

Next we have a video about our Conversation Cards pack.

and then, lastly, for now, our popular Ultimate Times Table Pack.

What else is on our website?

Our shop, of course. You’ll also find the Resource Angel blog, regularly updated and content rich. A Resources Page, About Us and much more. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at

March 2015

  • New packs – we’ve produced a brand new pack – The Ultimate Times Tables Pack – and overhauled and updated our Inverse Operations pack with more to follow!
  • Check out our continuing free 6 pack offer