Maths Reasoning Talk Prompts

Reasoning in maths has become a big focus in the UK classroom and is now encouraged in maths lessons across primary education.

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Number Bond Loop Cards

Resource Angel brings 5 complete sets of loop cards covering number bonds using addition and subtraction to 20 and 30.

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Conversation Cards

This 32 page Conversation Starter resource pack has been provided by Resource Angel. Speaking and Listening skills are as vital today as they have ever been.

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Plenary Cards

These free cards are ideal to encourage children to be reflective learners.

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Target Cards

In Great Britain Target Cards have been used for many years to encourage children to understand and take responsibility for their progress.
Resource Angel have provided a collection of useful Target Cards that could be used in any primary school classroom.

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Story Writing – Prediction Cards

These Literacy Prediction Cards from Resource Angel are great when used with students to encourage them to make…. predictions!

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