The Inverse Operations Bundle

We are proud to present our Inverse Operation Bundle. Yes! Now you can get Inverse Operations and Inverse Operations the Sequel in one handy resource.

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Inverse Operations – the Sequel

Resource Angel are proud to introduce this follow up learning resource to Inverse Operations.

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Number Sequences

Resource Angel have produced a 43 page pack of math and logic sequences. All have been tested in UK classrooms and have increased and accelerated children’s understanding of this important area of learning.

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The Loop Card Bundle containing Mathematical, Multiplication and Number Bonds loop cards
The Loop Card Bundle

Resource Angel have produced a compilation of our 3 Loop Card packs at a special bundle price.

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Number Bond Loop Cards

Resource Angel brings 5 complete sets of loop cards covering number bonds using addition and subtraction to 20 and 30.

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Mathematical Loop Cards

Resource Angel has produced 5 sets of loop cards – halving, doubling, quartering, addition and subtraction. Each set has 30 cards so they can be used within the classroom as well as with small groups.

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Multiplication Loop Cards

Resource Angel brings 5 complete sets of loop cards covering the times tables from 2 to 12 as well as a bonus Powerpoint for a class times table test. Answer for this are included in the zip file.

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Odds and Evens

Resource Angel have produced a 55 page collection of cards for laminating and printable activities to enhance the teaching and learning of odds and evens in Maths.

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