Resource Angel are proud to introduce this 74 page Co-ordinates pack. It has been tried and tested in the UK classroom.

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Co-ordinates UK front coverA4Resource Angel are proud to introduce our Co-ordinates pack. It has been tried and tested in the UK classroom.

We have made the study of Co-ordinates fun and engaging for the learner.
We have provided activities and worksheets that show progressions and they can be used to differentiate for the range of learners within your classroom.

This 74 page pack has activities on graphs and four-quadrant graphs.

In this resource you will find:
-Suggestions for use to guide the teacher
-Reading the co-ordinates of pictures
-Plotting given co-ordinates
-Reading co-ordinates of shapes
-Creating your own shape and recording your co-ordinates
-Identifying the points on a compass activity
-Follow the direction cards for a game with your students
-Map fun requiring the use of co-ordinates
-Design your own island template and question sheet
-Answer sheets to all activities to make marking quicker and easier.

If that wasn’t enough, Resource Angel have used their own original fonts and clip art.



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