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Orienteering is a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass as the participant moves at speed from point to point over different types…

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Orienteering A4UK Front CoverOrienteering is a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass as the participant moves at speed from point to point over different types of terrain. Our game is an introduction to the sport that can take place on the school field or playground.

Game Instructions:- Children should be in teams of 2/3.

The basketball court (or any wide space) should be set up as shown in the diagram on page 4 in the pack.

Make sure that the letters and the compass points are laminated and attached to a cone.

Give children a question board.

The aim of the game is that they discover the correct letter combination so that they can win treasure chests.

Once children have the sequence they should go and check with the teacher. They should be sent back if they have not got it correct. With lower ability children it is a good idea to circle their mistake.

Children can be extended with blank boards that either you have completed for them or they have completed for each other. The winners are those with the most treasure chests.

A4OrienteeringThis pack contains:

 Diagram of the game set up

 Compass points


 Game templates for children to complete

 Blank extension templates

 Teacher answer sheet and instructions


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