Plenary Cards


These free cards are ideal to encourage children to be reflective learners.

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A4UK Plenary Cards Front coverResource Angel have created these plenary cards. Print these cards and then laminate them for repeated use. They are ideal to encourage children to be reflective learners.
At the end of a lesson it is suggested that students work in mixed ability pairs or small groups. Teachers might start by reminding children of appropriate rules for discussion work.
Children can be handed any one of these cards although teachers may want to target individual children with specific questions for assessment purposes.
Give the children time to discuss the question, listening to what others in the group have to say. It can be good to circulate and question their individual responses to encourage a greater depth of thinking.
Ask each discussion group to feedback what they were discussing. You can question other children in the class if they disagreed or agreed with the comments. This is a great tool to analyse what learning has taken place and where children feel that their future learning can progress. This will help inform assessment of pupils as well as future planning.


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