Seventh Heaven – 24 magical teaching resources for the budding classroom magician

Some lessons are purely magical – some are purely Tommy Cooper. But what about lessons using magic? Here are 24 websites to give you some ideas about how you could use magic in the classroom.

As usual in this, the fourth installment of our Seventh Heaven series, we’ve visited each and every one of these links and can report that at the time of this blog post being published ALL of the links worked and lead directly to the page as described.Just click on the titles to go to the sites!

If you know of any other sites we could add to this lists please leave a comment below.

lockwood1          Mary Lockwood’s Easy magic trick for kids – Floating Ketchup Trick from YouTube

Mary Lockwood teaches children how to do the floating ketchup magic trick. Go to Mary Lockwood’s website for more.

2          Magic Tricks – Kidzone

Magic tricks and illusions for children to learn and perform. Lots of information and advice for the budding magician.

3          Easy Magic Tricks for Young Kids to Learn and Perform

From comes a special section (including videos) for the youngest children who want to learn and perform easy magic tricks. These tricks are ultra easy and only require materials that are found around the house.

4          Magic Tricks For Kids – You Can Do Magic!

Magic Tricks for Kids is where you learn easy to do magic tricks from 2 professional magicians – a new trick is added each week.

5          Funology’s Magic Tricks

“Our magic tricks are sure to impress the most skeptical audience.” Help your child learn these tricks and then put on a Magic Show!

6          Kidspot’s Magic Tricks – Magic For Kids

Part of a bigger site encompassing all sorts of activities. Find magic for kids that will inspire any mini magician.

7          NeoK12’s Magic Tricks for Kids

Magic Tricks for Kids – a collection of Videos with easy to follow step-by-step instructions for simple magic tricks. Learn the magic tricks and amaze your friends! NeoK12 collects videos on many topics and activities believing that children learn best when they see how things work!

8          Videojug’s Magic And Tricks For Kids – how to video tutorials.

Cool magic and tricks for kids. Amaze your friends and puzzle the grown-ups with Videojug’s selection of magical videos.

activity village9          Activity Village – Magic Tricks for Kids

Magic Tricks for Kids – more videos to help children learn tricks that will impress their family and friends!

10        Video Dailymotion – Easy Magic Tricks For Kids: How to make a coin Vanish 

freemagic4uFrom Learn easy magic tricks for kids, how to simply and cleanly make a coin vanish.

11        The Guardian – How magic tricks help children with cerebral palsy

Here’s a different viewpoint from the Guardian newspaper. For children with hemiplegia, a common form of cerebral palsy, learning to be a magician is remarkably effective therapy.

12        Learn Magic Tricks For Kids –

“Performing magic tricks for children can be fun, but often challenging.” This is a site more for children entertainers than children. Perhaps, you, as  a teacher could learn a few tricks from here?

13        Magic Tricks – Promoting Resilience – University of Brighton

What an interesting project! Exchanging knowledge to make a box of ordinary magic tricks to foster resilience in disadvantaged children.

14        Easy magic tricks to wow your family – Quibly

With these easy card tricks, your children can become like their favourite wizard or magician and create their very own magic! Videos accompany the instructions.

15        9 Fun and Easy Magic Tricks for Children from  Positive Parenting Ally

Positive parenting allySimple tips and instructions for easy magic tricks for children. Teach your child to do 9 simple tricks. Again lots of advice in presentation and practice. Positive Parent Ally’s real name is Birgitte and she lives in Denmark.

16        And after maths, we have magic tricks! Harry Potter-style!

Daily MailThe Daily Mail reports that researchers say children should be taught magic tricks in schools to boost their confidence and self-discipline. Prof Wiseman, a magician, led the research!

17        Ground-breaking Magic Camp scheme helps children’s motor skills.

Oxford Brookes University and Breathe Arts Health Research worked in partnership with occupational therapists and magicians from the magic circle to create an innovative two-week magic camp for children with hemiplegia.

18        Magic Tricks for Children from Kids Window

Here’s a few suggestions from the Kids Window for some magic tricks to amaze and amuse your family and friends.

19        Magic ‘boosts pupils’ confidence’ – BBC News

Children taught magic tricks instead of normal PSHE lessons perform better socially, a psychologist says. Another view from Prof Wiseman!

20        Bedside Magic from OHM – volunteers needed!

Here’s an interesting evening job! Open Heart Magic (OHM) is a nonprofit organization that brings the joy of magic to sick kids in hospitals. Become a volunteer Hospital Magician!

21        Evaluating the Benefits of Integrating Magic Tricks in the classroom.

Hocus Pocus Education has a research paper that says the art of magic has the ability to capture and hold the inquisitive minds of children and adults.

22        How to Perform Magic for Kids – Harvard Medical School

Medical student Eric Zwemer enchants five-year-old Elichannel with a series of magic tricks in her room at Children’s Hospital Boston.

st thomas23        Breathe Magic at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital Charity

Breathe Magic is a programme that adapts magic tricks and performance skills into therapy for children. The programme is run by Breathe Arts Health Research.

24        Explanations of a magic trick across the life span – Frontiers in Psychology

Studying how children and adults explain magic tricks can reveal  developmental differences in cognition

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