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A little girl came home from school and said to her mother, “Mommy, today in school I was punished for something that I didn’t do.”
The mother exclaimed, “But that’s terrible! I’m going to have a talk with your teacher about this … by the way, what was it that you didn’t do?”
The little girl replied, “My homework.”

These following 35 sites may make you laugh – although sometimes not in the way their authors intended- but they will give you a rounded view of how teachers laugh at themselves and their colleagues.

As usual in this, the third installment of our Seventh Heaven series we’ve visited each and every one of these links and can report that at the time of this blog post being published ALL of the links worked and lead directly to the page as described. We’ve left the original web address at the end of each entry just in case you need to go to the front page of the link!

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1 Scholastic – 9 Videos to Make Teachers Laugh, Cry, and Feel Inspired …

From May 2014 a page full of 9 Videos to Make Teachers Laugh, Cry, and Feel Inspired! … The message is so powerful and makes you think. This comes from the Scholastic site of all places, full of ads and products. Buried in it is this blog Top Teaching, buried in that is this blog post!!!

2 Teaching With Love and Laughter – Blogger

A kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teaching blog. … Undeniably sugar and spice cute and well meaning but the wordpress tags don’t even include the word laughter! Hmm, trade description…..

3 Teach With Laughter – Blogger

Here’s another. Cute as apple pie but again the wordpress tags don’t contain any links to fun, laughter or happiness! Am I missing something??

4 My Teaching Story – Share a Laugh !

Every teacher has a collection of funny and interesting stories that are a source of laughter with friends . At long last, a site that made me laugh at educational mishaps! Great!!

teach hub joke5 Top 20 Teacher Jokes from TeachHUB

Here is a list of 20 side-splitting (and maybe a little corny) teacher jokes to make us laugh. Find more at the foot of the article otherwise a one-off post amongst more serious resource tips.

6 Lessons with Laughter

Why, oh why, do these blogs mention the word laughter when it doesn’t even appear anywhere on the site? Another sweet blog with lots of pictures of the blogger but little enough humour and no laughter.

7 Teacher Things That Make Me Laugh on Pinterest

Explore Elizabeth Young’s board “Teacher Things That Make Me Laugh” on Pinterest. Me as well!! 94 boards on the site. with 8.3k pins. Worth a potter through if you’re a Pinterest fanatic!

8 Laugh Eat Learn blog

I see a trend here. Include the word laughter in your blog but don’t actually include any laughter, comedy or fun!! This one’s about cooking and selling products on Teachers Pay Teachers.

marygrove college9 Marygrove College – 186 of the Best YouTube videos for Teachers

Now this is a useful resource from Marygrove College in Detroit! Not just for laughter (Yes, there are a number of funny youtube clips here) but also for the other sections as well. Be careful to always look at a video clip before you play it in class. Inappropriate words may loom up on some of the videos. however, you will find quite a few where you will laugh!!!!

10 Mr. Teachbad’s Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement

This site was last updated in 2011 and won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. There’s a good deal of cynicism and sarcasm with an emphasis on me, me, me…but there’s a kernel of truth in there somewhere and…. it’s not a cutesy, cutey site masquerading as something else!

11 Laugh! Here come teachers with humour – Steve Spangler …

At least in Steve Spangler’s Science Blog there is a tag for humour with a number of articles. What does Steve Spangler do? Read his About Us page for the answer.

12 What Teachers Do… The truth about what it means to be a teacher

Another interesting read. A lot of common sense is talked with a sprinkling of humour. This is a good site for teachers with an mind open to curiousity.

13 Laugh Love Teach Learn – Blogger

AARRGH! Another cutesy wordpress blog that omits laughter in its tags but includes it in its title! Just like Entires 2,3 6 and 8 !!!!!! Enough. Do Teachers Pay Teachers know what damage these sites could be doing to heir reputaton? From now on I’m just going to include the site address and title in this entry.

Yep, you guessed.  No more Mr nice Guy!

Fabric1-114 The Laughing Teacher –

Laughter in the classroom! Yes, for a good reason. A number of interesting articles presented in a cutesy wordpress blog. Scrape away the cutesy and you’ll find some excellent comments on laughter. Teacher to parents:- “It’s not that your son is bad, he just exceeds standards for mischief.” Recommended!

15 Over 150 Laughter Yoga exercises to get you started

Different. Worth a visit!! Check out the Blog Laughter Therapy!

152 Laughter Yoga Exercises To Get You Started

16 Why Laughter Makes Classroom Management More Effective

A blog post from 2011 that mixes common sense with fun. Good read. Links at the foot of the article to other similar reads!

Why Laughter Makes Classroom Management More Effective

17 Love, Teach: Don’t Date a Girl Who Teaches

I stumbled across this sweet, darling blog post by another blogger entitled … Excellent read. Funny but true! I will even excuse the use of the word saccharine!

watlogonew_smooth18 We are Teachers – Two Sentence Horror Stories for Teachers

From harrowing two-sentence tales to tickle a teacher’s funny bone to a whole blog section on laughs and inspiration. something for everyone!

19 Russian Life – Why Don’t Russians Smile?RLBanner2013

If you visit Russia, work with a Russian or are just plain curious about why Russians don’t smile read on……

20 Americorps Alum – 5 Alum Stories That Will Make You Laugh

I’ve no idea who Americorps Alums is besides what I read on their website. They seem bonafide. The blogpost is interesting. It links to Teach for America. Is it the US version of UKIP? I truly don’t know!!

5 Alum Stories That Will Make You Laugh, Give Second Chances, #Stand4Service, and Take a Leap of Faith

21 Teacher Talk – Make ‘Em Laugh

The key instruction is this: Try to make your reader laugh… Another short but fascinating article. There are some people involved in teaching who can laugh!

Make ‘Em Laugh: Expanding Students’ Descriptive Vocabulary

22 Art of Education – It’s Funny Because It’s True videos

These 2 Videos could be the start of a video journey if you follow the links in the comments.

It’s Funny Because It’s True: 2 Videos to Make you Laugh

23 Huffington Post – 9 Teachers Who Had The Last Laugh

A video from Buzzfeed. Short but humorous. The links below are worth exploring if you can sit through the ads.

24 56 similies to make your English teacher laugh

I’m not too sure about the rest of the site but I thought this was a lovely read, even a useful resource.

Laugh-and-Live-Well325 Connie Costa – Laughter Yoga Teacher

Connie Costa is a laughter blogger, laughter yoga teacher and laughter wellness teacher from Sydney, Australia. Is this a real life blog? Is this a real person?? Honestly, laughter yoga teacher. Made me laugh!!!

26 Daily Telegraph blog – Pupils at a top public school remind me why I love teaching

From 2011. What makes a good teacher? Not so much a funny blog but thought provoking and a good discussion starter in the classroom or the staffroom.

1993_21_Licking cow27 Denver Art Museum- What Makes You Laugh? – A Creativity Resource for Teachers

This is a very full lesson plan from the Denver Art Museum based around Georgia O’Keefe’s painting “Licking Cow”. Different and could be useful. “Students will learn about what makes something funny, whether it’s an experience, work of art, or story.”

28 ASCD – Make Me Laugh

From the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development in 2001 Make Me Laugh. Using Humor in the Classroom. Read about accordions and Frank Sinatra and keeping a humour file.

29 Academic Tips – Funny Jokes

Educational jokes from a site full of quotes, jokes and stories.


30 Teachers Can Smile Too – Challenge: Try not to laugh

“I’m writing this blog as a means to help other teachers, especially all the baby teachers out there that are unhappy with their current situation. It is possible to be happy! You have all the tools you need!” Long may you continue!

31 UO Teacher – That’s Funny: Links To Make You Laugh

What better idea to put in a links post than some humorous or inspiring links from the University of Oregon!

That’s Funny: Links To Make You Laugh

32 British Council – Learners of English, prepare to laugh in university seminars

Can English language students be ‘trained’ in humour? Emma Greenhalgh tells us why humour should be incorporated into language learning.

33 Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast – Listen to Real British EnglishLuke-colour-869x1024

A DELTA-qualified English teacher from London with over 14 years of teaching experience and a stand-up comedian. Have a listen to a couple of podcasts and see what you think!! The podcast offers an insightful learning resource, which aims to make you laugh while you learn.


34 Advice to a new teacher from“ Schools of Thought

A CNN Schools of Thought blogpost from 2012. Looks very similar to the Guardian blog in the UK. Who copied who?

My View: Advice to a new teacher

35 The Cornerstone – Hilarious Parent Stories

And finally…..What’s Here? This is a collection of stories teachers have emailed The Cornerstone Blog. Links at the foot of the post lead to other “hilarious” stories.


You may not have liked, agreed with or even finished reading every one of these entries, but someone did! When you Google the words  “Blogs to make teachers laugh” these sites all appear in the top 100. If you’ve found any better sites please add your discoveries in our comments section below!


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