Seventh Heaven – Nouns

This is the second in our Seventh Heaven series of blogs.
This week we look at nouns.

A noun names a person, animal, place, thing, quality, idea, or action. It can be replaced with a pronoun such as me, us, he, they or it.

The word “Noun” comes from the late 14th Century French word nom and the Latin word nomen both meaning name. In Old English name was used to mean "noun."

Common nouns refer to common, everyday things. Unless it starts a sentence or is part of a proper noun, a common noun is not written with a capital letter.

A proper noun refers to specific things that are unique or have names. Proper nouns begin with capital letters. Every proper noun has a common noun equivalent as in London and city, Robert and name, California and state.

Collective nouns name groups of people or things. They are some strange collection nouns when naming group of animals as in Shrewdness of apes, Rabble of butterflies, a murder of crows and a murmuration of starlings.

Most nouns add s or es when they become plural but not all! A noun ending in -y preceded by a consonant makes the plural with -ies. Some nouns have the same form in the singular and the plural as in sheep, fish and aircraft.

Compound nouns are two or more nouns that function as a single unit. There are three forms of compound nouns: With a space between words as in bus stop With a - hyphen between words as in six pack. Closed with no space or hyphen between words as in classroom.

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