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Maths Reasoning Talk Prompts

Reasoning in maths has become a big focus in the UK classroom and is now encouraged in maths lessons across primary education.

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Word Problem Bundle
The Word Problem Bundle

Wow!! 16 individual packs zipped together into one huge 340 page bundle!! For £5, you say-what’s the catch? We think that word problems are part of the journey into thinking skills. We want to share these with as many teachers as possible.

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Inverse Operations Pack Cover page
The Inverse Operations Bundle

We are proud to present our Inverse Operation Bundle. Yes! Now you can get Inverse Operations and Inverse Operations the Sequel in one handy resource.

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Inverse Operations the Sequel Front CoverUK 400W
Inverse Operations – the Sequel

Resource Angel are proud to introduce this follow up learning resource to Inverse Operations.

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Sequences UK Front Cover150
Number Sequences

Resource Angel have produced a 43 page pack of math and logic sequences. All have been tested in UK classrooms and have increased and accelerated children’s understanding of this important area of learning.

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Co-ordinates UK front coverA4

Resource Angel are proud to introduce this 74 page Co-ordinates pack. It has been tried and tested in the UK classroom.

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2d shapes UKA4 Front Cover
2D Shapes

The 3 files in this pack comprise of a printable pack with many ideas for teaching 2d shapes as well as a 30 page poster pack.  We are extremely proud of this product as we know that is presenting 2D shapes in a fun and engaging way for your students.

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A4UK Ultimate TimesTables
The Ultimate Times Table Pack

The Ultimate Times Table Pack contains a 122  page booklet, an answer booklet and an A3 Poster pack of times tables for you to use in classroom display. This product contains elements of the multiplication fun pack and multiplication loop cards but with all new material.

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The Loop Card Bundle containing Mathematical, Multiplication and Number Bonds loop cards
The Loop Card Bundle

Resource Angel have produced a compilation of our 3 Loop Card packs at a special bundle price.

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Number Bond Loops Front Cover UK small
Number Bond Loop Cards

Resource Angel brings 5 complete sets of loop cards covering number bonds using addition and subtraction to 20 and 30.

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Maths Loops Front Cover
Mathematical Loop Cards

Resource Angel has produced 5 sets of loop cards – halving, doubling, quartering, addition and subtraction. Each set has 30 cards so they can be used within the classroom as well as with small groups.

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Multiplication Loops Cards UK Front Cover
Multiplication Loop Cards

Resource Angel brings 5 complete sets of loop cards covering the times tables from 2 to 12 as well as a bonus Powerpoint for a class times table test. Answer for this are included in the zip file.

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Odds & EvensUKA4 Front Cover
Odds and Evens

Resource Angel have produced a 55 page collection of cards for laminating and printable activities to enhance the teaching and learning of odds and evens in Maths.

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A4InputOutputupdated front cover
Input Output Task Cards – UPDATED for 2015

Resource Angel have produced a set of Task Cards to enable children to compute addition and subtraction.

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A4UKAngel Hill School Front Cover
2 Step Word Problems from Angel Hill School

This pack contains 2 step problems based on the children at Angel Hill School. They have provided you with 40 word problems.

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Angel Hill Farm UKA4 Front Cover
2 Step Word Problems from Angel Hill Farm

This pack contains 2 step problems based on the children at Angel Hill Farm. We have provided you with 40 problems.

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AntonymsUK Front cover

Antonyms is one of a series of 3 packs produced by Resource Angel relating to specific conventions of Standard English.

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A4Area & Perimeter Front Cover
Area & Perimeter

Resource Angel have produced a pack jammed full of practice questions for Area and Perimeter.

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A4UKArea & Perimeter Word problems Front Cover
Area & Perimeter Word Problems

Resource Angel present a 41 page pack containing word problem practice. The problems all relate to the topic of Area and Perimeter.

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A4UK Compound words Front Cover
Compound Words

Do you need engaging activities to help you teach Compound Words? Resource Angel has produced these printables.

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A4Contractions front cover

UPDATED for 2015 – Contractions– what are they? They’re all here. Can’t wait? You’ll find 66 pages of games, activities and task cards.

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A4UK Conversation Cards Front Cover
Conversation Cards

This 32 page Conversation Starter resource pack has been provided by Resource Angel. Speaking and Listening skills are as vital today as they have ever been.

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A4UK Data Graphs Front Cover
Data Graphs

It’s always difficult to find good examples when teaching Picture graphs and bar graphs – sometimes you just need someone to provide you with the resources, to give you inspiration.Well, here we are!

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Fruity AlphabetA4UK Front Cover
Fruity Display Alphabet

The first clipart pack from Resource Angel features 96 jpgs all ready to be used for large classroom displays.

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