Adobe Spark

Spark page East BudleighWe’ve just discovered another marvellous site for creating visual images. It’s called Adobe Spark and unlike the other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere and Indesign it doesn’t cost a penny. Yes, indeed, you can use Adobe Spark for free.

The new suite of Apps allows both web and mobile users to create and share visual content. There are posts for social media, blog graphics, web stories, and animated videos. This is available online – a bit like Canva.

However, on mobile devices, the Spark collection is an upgrade and rebranding of a trio of apps Adobe that was already available for anyone to use.  Spark Post used to be called Adobe Post, Spark Page was Adobe Slate and Spark Video was Adobe Voice.

Spark Post allows you to quickly create professional graphics. Users can make Photoshop and InDesign like changes just by tapping buttons. The app does compete with others like Canva, which is also aimed at easy graphic creation, and is especially popular with social media managers.Spark post Making life easier

Spark Page, meanwhile, is focused on helping you craft web stories. That means you can use it for things like magazine-style travel stories, photo albums, online newsletters, reports, or anything else that you want to present on the web. It’s basically a simplified web editing platform, with tools that let you mix text and imagery in a highly visual way.

Spark Video lets you create animated videos in a matter of minutes, says Adobe. This isn’t a tool for filming content, however. Instead, you combine text, images, icons and themes in a presentation, then speak your voice over the story in order to create the video.

We’ve had a quick play with the web based versions and here’s a couple of examples. The Spark Page project took less than 30 minutes, the Spark Post less than 10 minutes. As we create more, we’ll put up the links for you to see.



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