Back again!

Having taken a year away from Resource Angel due to a serious medical trauma, we are back!

The last few months have involved updating various packs, preparing new packs and publishing, bit by bit, our packs on Amazon.

You can find the first few packs here!

They are all available as Kindle textbooks NOW!

Input Output Task Cards

Here at Resource Angel, we’ve produced 12 sets of Input-Output Task Cards to enable children to compute addition and subtraction. Students are asked to spot the rule and to fill in the missing numbers of the patterns. There is also the opportunity to identify the numbers that are incorrect within the input-output table.

Many teachers have laminated the individually numbered cards and reused them. We have included recording sheets so that your students can work through them and a set of blank cards for both types of sets in case any go missing!!!

Want them for workbooks? Well – just contact us by email and we’ll provide them in a suitable format so that you can simply print and go. Glue them into workbooks for your children to complete.

We have found these extremely useful in small group activities, whole class activities and independent maths centres. The children enjoy the independence of picking up a card and finding the answers. These cards have enabled our classes to apply their understanding of addition and subtraction.

A comprehensive Answer Booklet is included in the pack so the work will be quick and easy to mark.



Contractions– what are they? Something to do with English Grammar? Yes! They’re all here. Can’t wait?
You’ll find 66 pages of games, activities and task cards.

The pack includes:
making contractions;
converting contractions;
encouraging children to think of their own contractions;
putting contractions into sentences;
changing differentiated paragraphs by replacing words with contractions;
contraction loop cards;
mix and match contraction game

and more!!




2D Shapes

At Resource Angel, we are extremely proud of this product as we know that is presenting 2D shapes in a fun and engaging way for your students.

There are many worksheets and activities making it ideal for workbooks, journals and math centres. In the pack you will find:
a worksheet for students to list what they know about 2D shapes;
pictures of 2D shapes on a set of bingo cards with teacher call out cards;
description of 2D shapes in a set of bingo cards with teacher call out cards;
Spot the 2D shapes within a picture with answer sheet;
create a picture with 2D shapes.
name the 2D shape worksheets.
draw a 2D shape that is described.
describe the properties of 2D shapes.
2D shape posters. A set of pictures and names and a set with pictures, names and properties.
Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort shapes
learn about different triangles with teaching and pupil cards
guess the shape from the description
2D Shapes UK collage
create a shape within a shape
spot shapes around the classroom/school.


The Grammar Bundle: Antonyms, Homophones and Synonyms

Resource Angel are offering a compilation of three of our Literacy packs:- Antonyms, Homophones and Synonyms together in one pack. 

ANTONYMS The pack contains word clouds for use in display as well as contents and suggestion for use. It has an answer booklet. 
To help guide teachers with lesson ideas there are 18 pages of printables include: 
contents and suggested use; definition of an antonym; shade the correct antonym;differentiated match the antonym with its partner and create your own; identify the antonym; differentiated identify a set of antonyms from a sentence; word search; titles to use for journals; find the antonym task cards; word clouds for workbooks that can be annotated by students.

HOMOPHONES The pack contains word clouds for use in display as well as contents, answers, suggestions for use and teacher’s background notes.
To help guide teachers with lesson ideas there are 13 pages of printables including 
definition of a homophone for journals; matching up the homophones to be glued into journals; homophone task cards; identify the homophone in the sentences; put the correct homophone into the sentence; word search; word cloud for journals;students list their own homophones into tables.
The printables are designed to be used with students’ workbooks.

SYNONYMS The pack contains word clouds for use in display as well as contents, suggestions for use and teacher’s background notes. 
To help guide teachers with lesson ideas there are 25 pages of printables including: 
definition of a synonym for journals; word searches to find different synonyms; tables to find synonyms for a word using a thesaurus; shade in the matching synonym; differentiated change the paragraph by inserting synonyms; match the synonyms; identify the synonyms in sentences with pictures; synonym titles to be used in journals; synonym task cards; synonym word clouds for journals and display.

Orienteering Game

Orienteering is a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass as the participant moves at speed from point to point over different types of terrain. Our game is an introduction to the sport that can take place on the school field or playground.

Game Instructions:- Children should be in teams of 2/3.
The basketball court (or any wide space) should be set up as shown in the diagram on page 4 in the pack.
Make sure that the letters and the compass points are laminated and attached to a cone.
Give children a question board.
The aim of the game is that they discover the correct letter combination so that they can win treasure chests.
Once children have the sequence they should go and check with the teacher. They should be sent back if they have not got it correct. With lower ability children it is a good idea to circle their mistake.
Children can be extended with blank boards that either you have completed for them or they have completed for each other. The winners are those with the most treasure chests.


Inverse Operations

Encourage primary age students to check their work by using inverse operations.
Resource Angel has produced this 80+ page pack of printables to help guide teachers with lesson ideas. The printables are designed to be used in the classroom. 
Topics include:
-Inverse operations prompt
-Mix and match multiply and divide
-Mix and match add and subtract
-Teacher prompt cards
-Task cards
-Multiplication and division triangles.
-Addition and subtraction triangles.
-Blank triangles
-Student task cards.
-Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division sums
-Word problems
-Missing numbers

All content – as well as every font and clip art – is created by Resource Angel.

If you buy a Kindle pack from Amazon and find you need it in another format then please email us here at and we will send you the requested format free of charge.

So that’s it… for now.

We’re back and operating at full steam. Look out for us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and at Teachers Pay Teachers and TES.

Please do us a favour and visit the Amazon Kindle Store and find our books there. Leave a review and help us continue to make life easier for teachers.

Thanks for reading.

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