The two golden rules of Email Safety

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. We’ve had an active role in producing Opening Windows, the first book in a brand new series from Franklyn Nash. The series focuses on Windows computers and covers Windows 10 and how to get the most out of free or cheap software. There are plenty of tips, advice and guidance so you can increase your computer knowledge … Read More

Back again!

Having taken a year away from Resource Angel due to a serious medical trauma, we are back! The last few months have involved updating various packs, preparing new packs and publishing, bit by bit, our packs on Amazon. You can find the first few packs here! They are all available as Kindle textbooks NOW! Input Output Task Cards Here at Resource Angel, we’ve produced … Read More

The Psychology of the Penalty

This article from the BBC news-site forgets about where to shoot or even how to shoot and concentrates upon the psychology. Er-um, makes you think!!!   Gambling with the game Goalkeepers ‘gambler’s fallacy’ impacts penalty shoot-outs By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent, BBC News   Goalkeepers facing penalty shoot-outs make a predictable error that could influence the outcome say researchers. Psychologists studied videos from World … Read More

The Unsaveable Zone

In June 2014 The Daily Mail published this article. Research England footballers won’t need this time The perfect penalty can be taken by aiming at the ‘unsaveable’ zone Researcher analysed hours of footage to determine a goalkeeper’s reach Aiming outside the ‘unsaveable zone’ will achieve a goal 8 out of 10 times A third of matches after the knock-out stages will be decided by penalties England has had a measly … Read More

The Perfect Penalty

Here’s a timely reminder of how to cope with one of the world’s worst events. It usually only lasts about 15 minutes but it can affect the rest of your life. In some places in our world this event seems to recur every 4 years or so – often with devastating results. It is – The Penalty Shootout. With a lot of help from Google … Read More

The Fabulous

One of the best sites on the Internet is the fabulous Quora works by having the community ask and answer questions. When you want to know more about something, Quora delivers you answers and content from people who know the answer – like real doctors, economists, screenwriters, police officers, and military veterans. There’s questions and answers galore on every sort of subject. To whet … Read More

What are some good websites that would help me increase my productivity and learning?

With these websites you will definitely increase your productivity and you will learn something new! TED – Whether you’re on your computer or listening to a Podcast, TED opens your mind up to a new world. There’s a variety of people that explains any motivational subject you can think of that can help you rediscover life. With over a hundred videos to choose from, … Read More

How to buy from Resource Angel

You’ve seen us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ve visited our website at You know we produce usable teaching resources. BUT how do you buy from us? Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll soon have possession of one or more of our packs.       You’re going to buy the Inverse Operations Bundle. First of all, you’ll need your credit card. Go … Read More

37 Secrets Only Successful People Know

Stumbled upon this article on Stumbleupon. It comes from Seems to sum up all the business advice ever shared!!! This is worth bookmarking if you have anything to do with the cut and thrust of business!! Could it be applied to teaching? Everything you need to know about business, collected into a single handy article. BY GEOFFREY JAMES The business of business isn’t … Read More

Michael Rosen -required reading

Wikipaedia calls Michael Rosen “an English children’s novelist and poet, the author of 140 books. He served as Children’s Laureate from June 2007 to June 2009. He has been a TV presenter and a political columnist.” He also wrote some of the funniest poems I have ever read to children. Just get a copy of The Hypnotiser and enjoy!!! Better still, follow this link and enjoy … Read More

To Help Children Thrive, Coach Their Parents

In the New York Times’ Sunday Review of May 21, 2016 came this fascinating article by Paul Tough: IN 1986, in a few of the poorest neighborhoods in Kingston, Jamaica, a team of researchers from the University of the West Indies embarked on an experiment that has done a great deal, over time, to change our thinking about how to help children succeed, especially … Read More

Adobe Spark

We’ve just discovered another marvellous site for creating visual images. It’s called Adobe Spark and unlike the other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere and Indesign it doesn’t cost a penny. Yes, indeed, you can use Adobe Spark for free. The new suite of Apps allows both web and mobile users to create and share visual content. There are posts for social media, … Read More

Computing UK- the next generation.

I remember first starting out in teaching and feeling pretty confident with displaying data. I would ask my students to collect some data by asking questions to each other and then we would go and find a simple computer program and make a bar chart. We may even have made a quiz online to assist us. Computing has moved on and now those type … Read More

How important is computing for our UK students?

How important is computing for our students? Thinking about the world we live in today, often children do not know what the term ‘offline’ means. Remember when we first got the internet? We had the dial up tone and if you were on the internet then it was impossible for anyone else in the house to use the telephone line at the same time. … Read More

Seventh Heaven – 22 Free Painting Programs for teachers or children

Aren’t Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro and DrawPlus 8 expensive? When all you need is a paint program for you or your children to dabble in some natty painting experiment, then wouldn’t it be better to just download a free paint or drawing program? Here are 22 free paint programs and their websites. Download a few and enjoy. As usual in this, the fifth installment of … Read More

2 more packs to add to the Angel’s Resources

Resource Angel have just released a brand new pack, Co-ordinates (Coordinates if you’re reading this in the USA!). This is available here in our online store for UK teachers and in our Teachers Pay Teachers store for US teachers. It’s a 74 page pack filled with activities and worksheets that show progression. This pack has activities on graphs and four-quadrant graphs. We have made the study … Read More

Seventh Heaven – 24 magical teaching resources for the budding classroom magician

Some lessons are purely magical – some are purely Tommy Cooper. But what about lessons using magic? Here are 24 websites to give you some ideas about how you could use magic in the classroom. As usual in this, the fourth installment of our Seventh Heaven series, we’ve visited each and every one of these links and can report that at the time of … Read More

Seventh Heaven – 35 Blogs to make teachers laugh

    A little girl came home from school and said to her mother, “Mommy, today in school I was punished for something that I didn’t do.” The mother exclaimed, “But that’s terrible! I’m going to have a talk with your teacher about this … by the way, what was it that you didn’t do?” The little girl replied, “My homework.” These following 35 … Read More

Seventh Heaven – 35 free clipart websites for creative teachers

Every teacher loves to use clip-art – in all sorts of teaching resources. Here, at Resource Angel, we’re lucky enough to have a talented team member to produce our clip-art ( including the front covers of our resource packs!) However, if you don’t have the talent, time or know-how to create your own clipart then don’t despair! We’ve gathered 35 – Yes, 35 – … Read More

Seventh Heaven – 50 useful classroom management tips for every kind of teacher

Welcome to the new Seventh Heaven series from Resource Angel. This series will be devoted to lists. Here we provide you with 50 links to websites that attempt to bring useful classroom management tips to you. Whether you’re a novice, a veteran or somewhere in between, you’re sure to find something of interest in these links.   1   Edutopia – 5 Quick Classroom-Management Tips … Read More

It’s good to be back

The never-ending fun and tiredness of the end of term has finally passed and it’s time for a break. Devon, Kent, Yorkshire and Montenegro have been, are and will be hosting Resource Angel this summer. There’ll be angelic tales to tell and celestial rumours to deny… later. In the meantime, it’s good to be back on the blogging front after a month’s gap. On … Read More

WHY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ARE NECESSARY – Another guest post from Australia

This is the last of three Blog Posts written by Annette and Carley from Two Creative Teachers. They are creating teaching resources from their homes in Australia. We’ve really enjoyed reading their views on various educational topics. We are excited to be able to share this with our readers. One of the most fascinating aspects of being a teacher is other peoples perceptions of what … Read More

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you to all our teachers who make such a difference to the life of students every single day across the world!! Resource Angel is proud to announce that we will be taking part in the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale on May 5th-6th. We’re looking forward to seeing you there for you to take advantage of a 20% discount on all of our educational … Read More

A Royal Princess

There I was yesterday watching the news about the Royal birth on the TV. That was great and the news highlighted that the Buckingham Palace Easel had been placed outside the Palace for 24 hours. This is a tradition that tells the people about a Royal birth.   I remember when they did the same for Prince George and in retrospect I should have gone and seen the … Read More


This is the second of three Blog Posts written by Annette and Carley from Two Creative Teachers. They are creating teaching resources from their homes in Australia. We’ve really enjoyed reading their views on various educational topics. We are excited to be able to share this with our readers. Look out for another article in the coming weeks. Lately, wherever I go, I seem to … Read More

Go Balearic for palm trees, white knuckles and a laze beside the Mediterranean Sea

I say this every holiday, and it has become quite the tradition, but say it again I will! Man, I needed that holiday. Easter is such a special time when we focus on new life and new beginnings and in the UK we get a two week break and it is a time that we can reflect, re-energize and recuperate. Throughout the term that … Read More

STUDENT REWARDS: WHERE I SIT AND WHY? – A Guest Post from Australia.

This is the first of three Blog Posts written by Annette and Carley from Two Creative Teachers. They are creating teaching resources from their homes in Australia. We’ve really enjoyed reading their views on various educational topics. We are excited to be able to share this with our readers. Look out for two more articles in the coming weeks.   One of the things that … Read More

Times tables! We learn them for a reason!

Where have all the basics gone? I find it interesting that education has moved on since I was at school. Although most people in the UK who have been teaching for years and years say that it is the same ideas that just seem to come around again and again. But where has the knowledge of the basics gone? How is it being missed? … Read More

To Devon I went…

After the stress… ….leading up to Christmas with plays, parties, games and shopping followed by visiting the family I decided that I needed to take some time out. I needed to find some tranquility and calm. Even though it is freezing cold in England and not the best weather to holiday in, I think a change of scenery really allows the body and mind … Read More

Free Calendar!

Happy 2015 to all! To celebrate our first New Year as Resource Angel we have created a funky Calendar for you! We can personalise it by changing the name or the colors! If you want this calendar for your classroom then please just email us at We will change it up for you and email it as a PDF.  

2015 here we are!

Happy New Year to you all We hope that you have had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday so far. In England, we only have a few days left before term starts but I have put that to the back of my mind so that I can make this holiday last as long as possible! Resource Angel is a family run project as you know … Read More

Jasper the Cat – Chapter 7 – All Good Things

Ever since that day in the barn Jasper appeared to be a changed cat. One day Angie and Charlie noticed Jasper wandering around the kitchen looking lost, going up to and pawing at the back door, then walking away, laying down for a moment or two, then returning to the back door. “Jasper, do you want to go outside, then ?” asked Charlie. Jasper … Read More

Jasper the Cat – Chapter 6 – The Great Outdoors

Time moved on, Jasper grew bigger and started to explore his kitchen kingdom.  On one occasion, he found his way in to the back of the Aga. It was even warmer in there than his very own blanket. Barnabas rescued him just before he became roast Jasper. He also discovered the icy wastes of the huge chest freezer. Even standing beside it caused Jasper … Read More

Jasper the Cat – Chapter 5 – Cakes of Pan

Chapter 5 February came along and the snow went away. Outside became dull and grey. During half term, the weather was too murky and rainy for anyone to want to go outside the kitchen door. Dad found some much needed decorating and repair work to do upstairs in the spare bedroom, Mum treated the downstairs rooms to an early Spring clean and the two … Read More

Jasper the Cat – Chapter 4 – Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

All over the land Christmas Day begins earlier than any other day of the year. On the Fisher’s farm this was no exception. When Charlie was 4 years old he had crashed into Mum and Dad’s bedroom at half past three in the morning convinced it was time for everyone to get up and about and opening presents. The next year signs appeared pinned … Read More

London Baby!

So with a one-week school holiday what better way to celebrate and enjoy life than having a day out in good old London town? The weather was typically British. Rain, sun, rain…rain…rain…and we had a great day! I love the hustle and bustle of London life. The bridges… the history… the mix of people… the River Thames… the famous streets… the famous sights. London … Read More

Seventh Heaven – 100 ways of saying said

Why do young writers all want to use the word “said”? If they can’t think of any other word then direct them to this list. 7 groups of 14 alternatives to the word “said” plus 2 bonus words adding up to 100 ways of saying said. “Please, don’t ever use that word again!” pleaded Gaby. added admitted advised agreed answered apologized argued asked babbled … Read More

Seventh Heaven – the 7 most difficult tables

Everyone knows their 1 and 2, their 5 and 10 times tables but what of the rest? Some are easy, some not so. Extensive research has come up with these seven as being the most difficult to learn. Everybody has difficulties in learning these. Do you agree? I’ve added in a small rhyme to help children to remember the tables. Learn the trick and … Read More

5 top priorities for a new classroom

I have recently moved into a brand new classroom. I like having a new class, I like having new challenges but changing classrooms? I am not a fan. I seem to accumulate so much ‘STUFF‘. When you move classrooms you don’t feel that you can take it and dump it without sorting through it first. So I have sorted through it. Next I faced the … Read More

Literacy prediction cards

Prediction Cards. Make a prediction. What do you think will happen next? Why do you think this? Are there any clues in the information? Prediction Cards Asking children to make a prediction informed from the text and encouraging them to use their imagination sounds easy but as teachers we know that the skill needs to be worked on. Panic not. We have 20 prediction cards. Whether you … Read More

New Pack Alert: My Family

Want to get to know your new class? Doing a topic on family? Want to encourage children to talk with family members? Looking for an aid to prompt a speaking and listening activity? Looking for homework activities? Want to encourage parents to get involved? This is the pack! We have created several usable templates for your students to use either within the classroom or as homework activities. These … Read More

Beyond the nod and smile

Perfecting the Nod and Smile Well it is lovely to be home. There is nothing like stepping off the plane and feeling the shiver of the English breeze! It’s funny how in school Geography and History were not subjects that I enjoyed. In fact it was in these lessons that I perfected the ‘nod and smile’. The clue is in the name and was … Read More

How we produce our original clipart

Receiving the Call Ever wonder how some shops make their resources look unique with custom clip art? Resource Angel creates their own clip art and shares their process in today’s blog post. As a family run business, we each have individual and diverse talents. Each piece of clip art starts from a request by the person creating one of the packs. This request usually comes in … Read More

The Guardian Data Blog

Our resident blogger is away from these pages taking a well earned vacation. This gives us a chance to explore one of the most interesting blog sites in the UK. – The Guardian data blog. We’ve chosen 11 examples from the data blog. The example have been randomly selected from all of the 2014 entries. EDUCATION The first 5 examples from the data blog … Read More

At Resource Angel we’re so excited!

On August 3rd and August 4th at our Teachers Pay Teachers store we’re having a SALE! All our packs are 20% off.   If you’ve wish-listed some of our products in recent times, then now is the opportunity to buy them! If you’ve never visited our Teachers Pay Teachers Store then head over there now! Don’t know what we have in our store? Look at our … Read More

7 infographics that will inform your teaching

Images are increasingly important on the internet. Rod Stewart informed us that “Every picture tells a story”. David Gates opined that “a picture paints a thousand words”. This year appears to be the year of the infographic. And there are thousands to be found jostling for space on the world wide web. Just for a start, visit or Educational Technology and Mobile Learning or even An Ethical … Read More

All grown up – nearly. An Independence Day infographic message.

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4 facts you needn’t know and 1 you should

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Top 10 things to do this summer holiday

Reports. The dreaded word. How many different ways can you find to say ‘grown in confidence’? How many different ways can you find to say ‘must try harder’? As I should be writing reports, my thoughts have turned to my summer. As we near the end of the term I am excited about the summer break ahead and I am enjoying reading blogs about … Read More

Everyone’s got a story to tell

Someone, maybe, Pat Flynn, said “Everyone’s got a story. Tell them yours.” So here goes. In which our intrepid team reminisce over the who, why, what, and where. Well – it has been an interesting few months. Resource Angel has started and we are learning a lot along the way. Who are we? – Meet the team. Let’s set the scene. We are a … Read More

Podcasts and blogs

Here at Resource Angel we’ve just discovered The Smart Passive Income Blog and Podcast. There are over 100 podcasts and they all cover the area of online business. We’ve listened to a couple so far and the standard of information and presentation is very high. The Brand New Visitor podcast has already got us thinking about changing some of our web pages (for the better!) The show notes that accompany each podcast … Read More

World Cup Fun

Sunny days are the best! In England this weekend storms were predicted with the worst rainfall we have seen in quite some time. However, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. With this lovely weather it has got me thinking that our summer holiday is nearly here! (8 weeks away – but who’s counting?) With this summer comes the World Cup.  I … Read More

Another Freebie!

Resource Angel is extremely excited to give you another FREEBIE!  We have created a print and go taster pack. To see this – The Time Taster Practice Pack – you need to visit our store.  Remember this pack is free!  Just click and download it. If you like the pack but want more then help yourself to The Ultimate Time Practice Pack at our bargain price.   These printables are … Read More

Place Value

To celebrate the UK half term, Resource Angel have created these Place Value printables. Try out our Free Place Value Taster Pack that you will find in our online store.  If you like that then head for Teacher Pay Teachers store, where you’ll find the full pack! We know that teachers are busy and sometimes our best lessons are when we print and go. So … Read More

Talk, talk, talk

Speaking and listening skills are a big part of the classroom as we teach children to articulate their own thoughts, to challenge the thoughts of others and to experiment with social discussion. I like this skill because not only does it generate ideas and help with the quality of work being produced but it is also a life skill. A skill that they will … Read More

Anything can happen

Well as I have said in a previous blog, we are nearly at the end of the school year. Roll on summer! I had woken up early, screamed when I saw big spider in the room, killed the big spider, felt bad that I killed the big spider. I then had a rather unfortunate call to a phone company talking to some people claiming to … Read More

Target cards

Phew. Nearly at the end of a school year here in the UK. We are having our last ‘push’ to make sure that the students are achieving the grades of which they are more than capable. That way when we pass our classes on they should find the transition a lot easier. I had some one to one talks with my students about how … Read More

Living in London – 1

It has been a busy time at school this week with tests, assemblies and marking! Living in London there is lots to do. When you’re feeling tired or stressed it can be therapeutic to enjoy just a little bit of what this city has to offer. Our brilliant transport system means that travel around the capital is easy. You just hop on and hop off a … Read More


  What’s the time? Time you bought this pack! OK, OK-jokes are not our strong point but telling the time is. This pack of printables is ideal because it caters for every child. It is differentiated. If you have a child that cannot tell the time, if you have a child confident in their time telling skills and you want to know how to … Read More

Plenary Cards

Our first free resource!  Bargain!  Quick!  They are flying out of the virtual world window to a classroom near you! At Resource Angel we are aware that children need time to reflect on what they have learned. We have tried and tested this concept. These cards encourages discussion and by having time to reflect, children can address the skills that they have applied to future … Read More

…and Resource Angel was born

Google+ Resource Angel, formed by a family of teachers, has great visions for changing the world by educating the future generations! We love teaching. It is the only job where you do not clock watch and it is the only job that leaves you not knowing your own name at the end of a tiring day! No matter what the stresses and the strains, … Read More

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