How to buy from Resource Angel

Inverse Operations Pack Cover pageYou’ve seen us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and InstagramYou’ve visited our website at You know we produce usable teaching resources.
BUT how do you buy from us?
Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll soon have possession of one or more of our packs.




You’re going to buy the Inverse Operations Bundle.

First of all, you’ll need your credit card. Go and get it now so that you don’t waste time later.

116550-matte-blue-and-white-square-icon-alphanumeric-m01-clearGo to  The https shows that the site is secure and it’s safe to spend money with us.

116551-matte-blue-and-white-square-icon-alphanumeric-m02-clearClick on the Inverse Operations Bundle front cover. How to buy 1 arrowThat’ll take you to

Here you’ll see the product description and other related products.

116552-matte-blue-and-white-square-icon-alphanumeric-m03-clearUnder the title you’ll see a blue box with the words ADD TO BASKET. Click on the blue button.

How to buy 2 arrowThat will take you to the Cart page. Check the quantity. We’ll assume you only want to buy one of these packs this time. When you’re happy with the amounts, click on another blue button with the words Proceed to Checkout

116554-matte-blue-and-white-square-icon-alphanumeric-m05-clearHow to buy 3 arrowAt Checkout you’ll need to fill in a few relevant details. As you are downloading from us, we only need your name and email address so we can contact you in the event of a problem.

Fill in:-

Your first name

Your Last Name

Your Email Address

Your Country

Tick the Terms and Conditions button

Click on the radio button next to the word Paypal

Finally click on PROCEED TO PAYPAL button.

116555-matte-blue-and-white-square-icon-alphanumeric-m06-clearHow to buy 4 arrowThis will take you to Paypal.

Here you’ll see your order summary and next to it you’ll be asked to choose a way to pay. If you have a paypal account you can log-in to your account and pay as you normally would with your paypal.

If you want to pay with a debit or credit card click on that option.

This will open up some information boxes to fill in. when you are happy with the information you’ve filled in then click on the yellow box with the word Pay inside it!

A page will appear with the chance to review your information.

If you’re happy with it all then click on the yellow box with the word Pay Now.

116556-matte-blue-and-white-square-icon-alphanumeric-m07-clearPaypal will then display confirmation of your purchase and ask you to return to the Resource Angel Checkout. Paypal will also send you an email confirming your purchase. How to buy6We’ll send you an email as well with download details. Don’t lose it. Keep it safe if you need to download the pack again in the future.

How to buy5Back at the Resource Angel Checkout you’ll see details of the Inverse Operations Bundle you’ve just purchased.

You can download your packs to your computer from this page by clicking on the pack title next to the Download 1, Download 2, Download 3 and Download 4. You can also download the packs by clicking on the same download information in the email.

Why not try it out now and prove to yourself that it really is easy to download excellent value teaching resource packs from Resource Angel? It may look like a lot of steps just to buy one of our packs BUT it gets easier the more times you buy!!


2 Responses

  1. pgc1762
    | Reply

    I ordered (and paid for) £38 worth of resources yesterday and have yet to receive a confirmation email from you nor are my resources available in the ‘downloads’ area of ‘my account’ – the Paypal payment went to Alan Ginman. Is this a scam? Have I just been ripped-off?and do I need to contact Paypal to report it? I will be doing this on all playforms if I do not hear from you very soon!
    Philip Crowley

  2. pgc1762
    | Reply

    Please disregard my previous complaint – I see that my resources are now downloadable.
    I have had some bad experiences with online orders recently and I guess I panicked and lacked patience. Please accept my apologies for my tone and I would like to thank you for your excellent resources.
    Kind regards
    Philip Crowley

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