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A4UKTime Practice Taster Pack Front Cover
Time Practice – Free Taster Pack

We have produced a 7 page Taster pack for our Time practice pack. If you like this, please look at the full 64 page version.

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A4UK Homophones Front Cover

Homophones is one of a series of 3 packs produced by Resource Angel relating to specific conventions of Standard English.

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A4InverseOperations updated front cover
Inverse Operations – Updated for 2015

UPDATED for 2015. Encourage students to check their work by using our overhauled and updated inverse operations pack. An Inverse operation is an operation that reverses the effect of another operation. For example: addition and subtraction are inverse operations.

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A4UK Literacy Display front cover
Literacy Classroom Display Pack

The pack contains display words for connectives (conjunctions), sentence openers and questions. With 39 high quality jpgs it is perfect for printing out and using in classroom displays.

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A4UK Maths Fun Pack Front Cover
Multiplication Fun Pack

This useful multiplication pack is ideal for homework or warm up activities in class. You could even use it to start a class competition or award prizes for known multiplications.

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A4UK Synonyms Front Cover

One of a series of 3 packs produced by Resource Angel relating to specific conventions of Standard English. The printables are designed to be used with children’s workbooks. Have a look at the other 2 packs in the series:- Antonyms and Homophones.

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A4UKNouns Front cover

Nouns continues the series of useful packs produced by Resource Angel relating to specific conventions of Standard English. The 36 page pack contains contents, suggestions for use and an answer sheet.

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Orienteering A4UK Front Cover
Orienteering Game

Orienteering is a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass as the participant moves at speed from point to point over different types…

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A4PlaceValue Front Cover
Place Value

Looking for differentiated Math activities? Resource Angel has produced this differentiated pack for Place Value. The pack contains 46 pages of printables.

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A4UK Place Value Taster Front Cover
Place Value Practice – Free Taster Pack

Looking for differentiated Math practice? Resource Angel has produced a differentiated resource pack for Place Value. This is a free taster of that pack!

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A4PlaceValuePractice Front Cover
Place Value Practice

Resource Angel has produced a differentiated pack for Place Value. The pack contains 27 pages of printables to help guide teachers with extended practice.

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A4UK Plenary Cards Front cover
Plenary Cards

These free cards are ideal to encourage children to be reflective learners.

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A4UKTarget cards-Front Cover
Target Cards

In Great Britain Target Cards have been used for many years to encourage children to understand and take responsibility for their progress.
Resource Angel have provided a collection of useful Target Cards that could be used in any primary school classroom.

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A4UK Time Practice Pack Front Cover
Time – Full Practice Pack

This 64 page pack contains differentiated clock activities in 4 sections. Each section is split into specific areas of the clock face.

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TimeUKA4 Front Cover

Analog or digital! Either way this differentiated pack from Resource Angel is for you.

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My Family Front CoverUKA4
My Family

Doing a topic on family? Looking for homework activities? Want to encourage parents to get involved? This is the pack!

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A4UK Prediction Cards Front Cover
Story Writing – Prediction Cards

These Literacy Prediction Cards from Resource Angel are great when used with students to encourage them to make…. predictions!

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A4UK Story Response Front Cover
Story Responses Pack

Story Responses pack from Resource Angel provides a collection of resources for teachers to use when children are involved in creative writing.

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A4Grammar Bundle UK front cover
Grammar Bundle

A compilation of three of our popular Literacy packs.

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